The latest goings on in the Flavors universe.

  • New Service: Bandsintown

    We’re happy to announce that we’ve added Bandsintown to our ever-growing collection of services for musicians and music fans.

    Bandsintown gives you personalized recommendations and reminders based on your Facebook Likes, listening history and more. Fans can use it to track their favorite acts’ upcoming shows, and artists can use it to keep fans in the loop about events.

    Check out how singer-songwriter Farai Futi uses Bandsintown plus Flavors to display his tour dates alongside his bio, news, tracks, videos and more:

  • New Services: Songkick Artists & Mixcloud

    The Flavors team is passionate about music. A few of us are even moonlighting musicians. We love to discover great new artists in the Flavors community, and to serve musicians as best we can with new features. Today we’re pleased to announce a new integration with industry-leading tour date service Songkick that caters more directly to artists, as well as the addition of Mixcloud, which helps connect listeners to DJ sets and more.


    You’ll now find a new service called Songkick for Artists under Content > Add in the design panel, along with our previous Songkick integration, designed for fans. Songkick for Artists allows musicians to display their past and upcoming tour dates on their Flavors site, keeping fans connected to their latest gigs quickly, easily, and in style, thanks to our versatile layouts.

    If you haven’t signed up for Songkick already, now is a particularly great time to join. With the launch of Songkick’s new Tourbox service, artists now have a central tool to manage and share their tour information across multiple services, including Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube and more. Sign up at to get started!


    With Mixcloud on Flavors, you can share the radio shows, DJ mixes and podcasts you’re listening to, along with your Favorites and your own Cloudcasts. Cool bonus: because, like us, Mixcloud is dedicated to supporting artists, playback of copyrighted songs is reported so the correct licensing royalties can be attributed to the artists.

    Join Mixcloud today to start listening and sharing.

  • Announcing Faster Service Updates for Premium Users

    We know how important it is to keep the content on your Flavors site fresh, and have always done our best to offer frequent service updates for the Flavors community. We’re happy to announce that, as of late last week, Premium Flavors users got a super-boost to their service update times.

    As a new perk of the Premium account level, users who have upgraded their accounts will have their latest tweets, blog posts, Flickr photos, Facebook status updates and more updated on their Flavors site twice as fast.

    We hope our Premium users will enjoy seeing quicker updates. If you haven’t gone Premium yet, log in today and click on the Upgrade icon in the navigation bar to unlock speedier updates. You’ll also get access to other great features like premium layouts, custom pages, and the option to use a custom domain for just $20 per year (less than $2 per month!).

  • New Service: Dribbble

    This week we’ve added a new service, Dribbble. Dribbble lets designers share screenshots of the projects they’re working on, whether that’s an app, a typeface, an icon or illustration. When you join Dribbble you can get feedback from the community and, even better, get hired by recruiters who have signed up as Scouts.

    Sign up on Dribbble to get started. To add Dribbble to your Flavors site, go to Content > Add in the Design Panel.

    Lily Tse uses Dribble + Flavors to share interface designs alongside her LinkedIn profile, Instagram photos, tweets, blog posts and more.

    Ellliot Ross shares digital marketing designs along with his DJ mixes, LinkedIn profile, tweets, Foursquare check-ins and more.

    Join them by sharing your Dribbble shots on Flavors today!

  • A Farewell to Streams

    Last November, we rolled out a new feature on Flavors called Streams as part of a major release that included other great updates, such as a customizable mobile layout for premium users. Streams brought together your updates, check-ins, songs and more in a single timeline, and allowed you to track and follow other Flavors users, as well.

    Unfortunately, since its release, this feature has had a negative impact on service update performance across Flavors sites, beyond the level we had anticipated. Our priority is giving you a powerful, highly customizable, yet easy-to-use platform for creating an online presence. Flavors sites are, of course, less useful when update frequency is low. That’s why we’ve made the tough decision to remove Streams entirely today, as well as the option to follow other Flavors users.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause the Flavors community, and hope you understand our reasoning for the change. Giving you the tools to make a beautiful, useful site on your own is what the team here at HiiDef does best. It’s our goal to keep your site’s updates steady and reliable, and we believe that removing Streams in favor of other improvements is the way forward for Flavors.

    If you have any questions on these changes, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at, in the forums at or via @flavorsme on Twitter.