The latest goings on in the Flavors universe.

  • We’ve made a few tweaks

    Hello again! You may have noticed a few changes here at Flavors. We’re step by step trying to make our website platform the best it can possibly be, so that you can have an easy and enjoyable time using your page.

    So what’s new and how come? Well first off, we’ve changed your URL around a bit. For example, let’s say your page name is MOO, your URL has then changed from to Seeing a new URL can be a bit startling and you probably have some questions, so we’ve tried to put ourselves in your shoes and give you answers right away:

    Why the change?

    We think it gives your URL a more clean and professional look. We hope that’s how you feel about it too! It also happens to help with site security, so it’s a win-win.

    Do both links still work?

    Yes, definitely! So no rush to tell everyone your new URL or update your business cards – unless you really want to, of course.

    What if I have a custom domain?

    Then this won’t affect you much. You can keep using your custom domain on all of your communications. And if you don’t have a custom domain, but would like one, we can help with that, too! Just head to your Account Settings to see if your domain name is available.

    Now for the next change we’ve made – while the last one affects more of our free users, the second change is more relevant to our premium users. We’ve enabled you to easily add images to custom content without having to edit HTML or host images on another site - things that are usually a real pain. For example, this will make it much quicker to upload a product photo or employee photo to your additional information pages – after all, visuals are important when telling your story.

    We hope we’ve done a decent job of looking at this from your point of view and posing the right questions, but if there’s one we’ve missed, just ask our support team! They’re happy to tell you anything you want to know.  

  • Get your Free MOO Cards

    Flavors is about you looking good online and bringing all your social media and photos together in one easily customisable place. It’s a simple and effective way for you to promote yourself or your business online, but that doesn’t mean we’ve gone all digital on you.

    We still appreciate the appeal of a classic business card in your hand when you’re out networking, and now you can bring your site off line and into the real world with your own MOO Business Cards.

    Utilising your Flavors background, your free business cards (that’s right, you just need to pay shipping) will include your contact details as well as your own unique QR code to direct people to your site.

    Once you’re logged into your account, there are a couple of ways to see what your Flavors designed MOO Business Cards will look like.  

    1.      You can click the PROMOTE tab whilst editing your page and find it there under the heading MOO Cards, or

    2.     You can click the Account » Settings link in the top right hand corner of the page and see your pre-designed cards there.  

    It’s an easy process to build your cards from then on and when we magic you across to MOO.COM, you can finalise your cards or personalise them even further.

    Each of your MOO Business cards will come with a small but attractive Flavors logo on the back  - unless you’re a premium customer, in which case, the world is your oyster (sort of). With a premium account, there won’t be any Flavors branding and you can make the card completely your own, including using your own personal web domain (if you have one).

    We can’t wait to see these cards out in the open and being passed around. Make sure to Tweet us @flavorsme or update us on Facebook/flavorsme with your thoughts.

    Sound good? If you’re not already with us why not sign up now for free.

    Until next time.

    Team Flavors

  • Stop by and say hello!

    You may have spotted us this week; that’s right, we’re back tweeting and posting on Facebook.

    Why have we been a little bit quiet recently? Well, we’d love to tell you that we’ve been sitting on a tropical beach soaking up some sunshine, but sadly that’s not quite true. We’ve been working hard in the background to make sure Flavors runs as smoothly as possible for you.

    We’re going to continue digging around behind the scenes to ensure things are working as you’d expect them to, but the reason we’re back really boils down to the fact that we missed talking to you - there, we said it. We’re not even ashamed.

    Now we’re back, we really want to know what you want to see. What things inspire you and make you tick? We would love to hear your stories about Flavors and all the amazing and innovative ways you use it.

    Maybe it acts as your portfolio and has helped you find your perfect client? Or perhaps you’ve linked a few services to your page to showcase your band’s songs, videos and pictures from your gigs all in one place? Maybe it even helped you find love? Who says Flavors matchmaking can’t happen?!

    Whatever it is, we’d absolutely love to know. Your feedback will help make sure you get the best possible experience from Flavors. Just send those ideas over to, tweet us or let us know on Facebook.

    We look forward to reading all your suggestions. And we’ll admit, it feels great to be back!

  • Hi there, it’s us again!

    Things have been a bit quiet from us recently haven’t they? If we were kids playing upstairs, our mum would probably be knocking nervously on our door right now.

    Well, don’t worry - we’re not having a dangerously long afternoon nap. We’ve just been quietly working really hard behind the scenes over the last few months, fixing some bugs, moving things over to MOO, and generally making sure Flavors is working smoothly.

    Now comes the fun stuff, and we have lots of exciting plans for the rest of this year (and beyond!). For starters, we’re going to make it even easier to create and edit pages by redesigning and rearranging some of the page layout and design tools. We’re also going to help you get started with your Flavors page by adding some cool background images to choose from if you don’t have your own already.

    We’d love to hear what you think, so please stay in touch via our help pages. In the meantime, we’ll keep working hard to make Flavors an even better place for you to share your photos, music and blogs.

    And if you’re interested in getting more involved in shaping the future of Flavors, we’re planning some fun groups sessions where we’ll get together (yes, in real life!) to discuss how you’ve been using Flavors, and talk about any clever ideas you may have. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, and you can make it along to our offices in London (for now - next stop, the world!) then please do get in touch at

    We’ve probably said it before, but it bears repeating - it’s a genuine joy for us to see all the beautiful pages being created on Flavors. We can’t wait to see more and more of what you can do.


    The Flavors team at MOO

  • Hello we’re MOO.COM — and we love to print.

    Yes — we’re a printer! (It’s just like the internet, only slower.) However, like you, we’re also passionate about great design — which is why we’re delighted to announce our acquisition of But don’t worry — we’re not going to get all weird and start bossing you about. Just think of us as your mom’s new husband. The kind that buys you a car, obviously — not the kind that makes you call him dad (nobody likes that guy.)

    We’re huge fans of Flavors — it demonstrates beautifully how the web has opened up great design tools for everyone. It also benefits from thousands of cool, beautiful customers (okay, maybe we do sort of want you to love us like we’re your real dad.) So we’re putting all our efforts into making it even easier for you to create an awesome-looking Flavors page.

    We’re excited to start working together, so do drop by MOO.COM at some point and have a look around. And if you have any questions, please visit the Flavors help page — we’d love to hear from you.

    Looking forward to a future of even more great design with you!

    Richard Moross